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Secret Sets

Have you ever opened a box of Re-Ment only to find something that isn't in any of the pictures on the box? If so, congratulations--you have discovered a secret set!!  Some secret sets are color variations of regular sets, while others are totally different.  They are always exciting because they are typically quite rare.  Often there's only one secret set in 120 small boxes! 

Secret sets may be numbered and extend beyond the normal series (11,12, etc.) or they may be labeled as SP (for special, I assume).  The older secret sets didn't come with pamphlets, so they don't have any apparent designation.

There are some sets that come with color variations as a regular part of the set.  Japanese Goods/Oriental Season is one of these types of sets.  Each full box contains five sets that are pictured plus five color variations on the five pictured sets.  These color variations are not rare because they occur in every box.  Favorite Stationery is another set that has color variations as a part of every full set.  To see photos of these color variations, please check out the Shop Here! page.

On this page, I'm happy to showcase many of the secret sets in my own collection, in somewhat random order.  I have more, but I haven't found them yet :).  As I find more sets and pamphlets, I'll add them to the page.  If you love secret sets, you might want to join the Flicker Group for Re-Ment Secret Sets--they have fabulous photos of many, many sets there.  The sets on this page are not for sale, but I do list available secret sets on the Shop Here! page within

The photos below will enlarge if you click them.  Where I have a pamphlet for the set, I've included a scan of it.  And if I've labeled anything wrong or don't know what set a secret set belongs to, please write me and let me know.  Thanks and enjoy!!

Please click on photos to enlarge and to see the backs and insides of the pamphlets and story cards

I'm sorry, but the items on this page are in my personal collection and are not for sale. Any secret sets that I have for sale will be on the Shop Here! page.


Am I Dog?

There are two color variations, set #11 with green "hair" and set #12 with yellow "hair".  These are both variations on the regular set #4, which has red "hair".


Am I Dog?

This is a true secret set, with completely different parts than anything else in this set.  Notice the little glasses on the pillow inside the "planet" dog bed!


Animal Stories

Set #11 is a color variation of set #4.  The story is printed on the back of the little scene, as is done with the regular sets.





Set #11 is a collection of adorable cookies and some jam.  Each of the cookies comes in its own cello bag.



This is the elusive gingerbread house that came with the old baking set.  It was a substitute for the Madeleine cookies in the full sets.



This Secret Set is a variation on the regular set #7, which also featured a Bundt cake.  All of the items in this set are different or different colors than in the regular set.


Big Circus

Set #11 is a color variation of Set #9.


Cooking with Mama

This wonderful cookie baking set is #11 in the set. 


Conveyor Belt Sushi

This elusive secret set is a wonderful assortment of sushi in a take-out container. I still haven't found this one for my own collection.  Thanks to Julianne B. for providing these photos!



This secret set is a white version of set #1.


Disney 50's Cafe

Set #11 has an adorable old-fashioned radio and a delicious meal of waffles.


European Meals

This chocolate fondue set features sliced fruit and a dipping fork.


Everybody Let's Eat!

Set #11 features an expanding table, just perfect for adding seating capacity to the school lunch room.


Fairy Tale Dishes

Set #11 features wonderful carousel dishes, including a covered serving dish.


Fairy Tale Sweets

This set (#11) appears to tell the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  Each little scene has a stand and all of the scenes and holders fit into the little cottage.  This set comes with both a booklet and a backdrop.


Family Diner

Set SP1 features a delicious skillet meal with soup and rice, plus cutlery and even a bill!


Favorite Stationery

One of the holy grails of secret set collectors, this pencil chest contains a rainbow of tiny colored pencils, each of which is a separate piece.


Office Lady/Girls in the City

This secret set is for the office lady who needs to clean up at home!  The piece that looks like a paint roller is actually a lint roller.


Going Out With Dogs

This little dog is #10 in the series.  She has her own carrying case and adorable pink accessories.


Good Sweets/Elegant Sweets

Another holy grail for secret set collectors, this candy chest is set #11 and features individual pieces of candy and a small card for Valentine's Day.


Good Sweets/Elegant Sweets

This group of elegant pastries is set #12.



Set #13 is a variation from the original apples set #2 that is all red.  The pieces are the same except that one layer of apples is green and one of the apple slices on the plate is green.


Home Center

This secret set is completely new.  The little puppy comes with a collar, leash, hair brush, shampoo, and chew toy!


Household Goods

This set is a color variation of set #5.  Everything except the little pill box is a different color than the regular set.


Household Goods

This set is a color variation of set #8.  Everything is a different color than the regular set other than the lemons inside the package.


Household Goods

This set is a color variation of set #2.  Everything is a different color than the regular set.


I Love Kyoto

This secret set features the traditional tea ceremony items.  I love the little whisk!


Is Dinner Ready Yet?

Set #11 is a color variation of the toaster oven found in Set #7, but all of the accessories are different.


Let's Cook!

This special set is called SP1 and is a color variation of regular set #3.  The ice tray, ice cubes, and spoons are the same as the original set, but everything else is different.


Merry Strawberry

Set #11 is a secret set of all original pieces.


Mushroom Paradise

Set #11 is a color variation of regular set #10, with yellow and blue substituting for the original red and green.


Nostalgic Electric Appliances

This secret set is a slight color variation of regular set #1, with a green rice cooker instead of a white one.  The juice server substitutes for a coffee server and the sign is completely different.


Come On Panda

Set #11 is a color variation of regular set #8, with white substituting for the red of the regular set.


Samurai Special

Set SP is a completely new set and features a wonderful pottery-like soy sauce bottle.


Summer Vacation

Set SP is a variation of regular set #2. Instead of the floating ring for swimming, there is an inflatable shark swimming toy.


Tea Time Collection

This secret set is a color variation of regular set #2, which is green and features a polka dot box rather than the stripes shown here.


Try Out Meals / Have a Bite!

Set #11 is a color variation of regular set #3.


Try Out Meals / Have a Bite!

Set #12 is a color variation of regular set #5.


Yummy Meals

Set #11 features prepared food for cooking and plastic containers for saving the leftovers.


Yummy Meals

Set #12 is called Sukiyaki.  It has the most adorable bowl of eggs and sliced up meat.


Japanese Cuisine

Set #12 is a variation of set #1 - it is a set of three stacking boxes in black, with wonderful food, a teapot wearing a butterfly mask, a small red bowl/teacup, and chopsticks with a delicate flower chopstick rest.


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