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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to Priscilla's Treasures!  On this page you'll find answers to a number of questions that pop up quite frequently.  If there's anything else you're wondering about, please email me at any time.


Do you have a store?

I work out of my home, so it's not a typical retail store.  If you are in the Phoenix area and would like to come by to shop or pick up an order, please call me at 623-388-6776 and make an appointment.  My schedule is very flexible, so I'll make every effort to be available when you are.

How do I place an order?

If you'd like to order, please email me by clicking here: NRFBQueen@mac.com and let me know what you would like to order and your zip code or country (if you're outside of the US).  I'll check to make sure that your items are available, pack them, weigh them, calculate your shipping cost, and write you back with availability and total.  For more information on ordering, please check out Ordering.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Payment may be made by cash, check, money order, or PayPal.  I can't take credit cards directly, but I can take them through PayPal. 

Do you do layaways?

Yes, I am happy to work with you.  For most orders, half of the total will be due when you place the order, while the balance will be due in one month.  If you need more than two payments, just let me know and I'll see if we can arrange something.

Do you accept pre-orders?

Yes, I'm happy to take pre-orders for upcoming items.  Typically the individual small sets are limited, but I can take large pre-orders for full sets.  There is no cost for placing a pre-order, but I ask that you honor your pre-order and pay for the items when they arrive.

How much will it cost to ship my order?

The cost to ship your order depends on which specific things you buy, how you wish to have them shipped, and where they are going to be shipped to.  When you place an order or inquire about placing an order, I physically pull together the items you want and pack them in the box in which they will be shipped, then I weigh the box.  Based on the size and weight of the box, I calculate shipping costs, then add a small (usually $1 to $3) packaging fee.  Please check out the Shipping Costs page for more information on sample shipping costs.

How will my order be shipped?  USPS, UPS, or other?

Typically packages within the US are sent by Priority Mail or UPS Ground, whichever works best for the items ordered (small things tend to go by USPS, larger things by UPS Ground).   Outside of the US, First Class Airmail and Priority Mail are most commonly used.  I am happy to ship by just about any means you wish!

How can I sign up for your mailing list?

I'm so glad you asked!  Just fill in the box below with your email and you'll be subscribed.

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What scale are Re-Ment miniatures?

Typically, Re-Ment ranges from 1/8 scale to 1/6 scale.  The older sets tend to be closer to 1/8 while the newer sets seem to be getting a little bigger and tend to be closer to 1/6, which is the scale of a Barbie doll.  I try to indicate in the descriptions on the Shop Here! page if a set is larger than 1/8 scale.

What does Re-Ment mean? 

Re-Ment is short for "Reform the Entertainment".  Re-Ment is a Japanese company that noticed that there were lots of monsters, space aliens, and other toys for boys on the market and they wanted to make toys for girls, hence the food, clothing, and other minis that they have issued.  In fact, Re-Ment miniatures are collected by girls, boys, women and men!

How is Re-Ment made?

Re-Ment is designed in Japan and produced in China.  The tiny pieces are each hand-painted!  That's why the detail is so wonderful and also why you may find a tiny bit of variation from one set to another.

How are Re-Ment miniatures packaged?

There are three different ways that Re-Ment minis are packaged.  In the first case, the small sets are put in boxes, then anywhere from 6 to 15 of the small sets are put in a large box.  This method is typical of the older sets and most of the new sets.  Second, for Fun Meals and Mini Sweets, the small sets are put in boxes, then sold in large store displays that contain 256 of the small boxes.  If you order a full set of either Fun Meals or Mini Sweets, you'll find that I send you ten small boxes labeled 1 through 10, but there's no overpack box.  Third, Re-Ment recently introduced small bags for packaging.  In this case a full set ranges from 12 to 20 small bags, which then are packaged in triangular shaped large boxes.

Does a full box contain one of each small set in the series?

Typically that is the case.  Once in a while a full box only contains a subset - Tea Time Collection is one of those cases.  There are 13 small sets in the larger set, but only 10 of them will fit in the box.  Sometimes a full box contains two of each of the small sets - this is the case with Cosmetics.  Rarely, a box will contain all but one in the full set, plus a secret set.  For more on secret sets, check out my Secret Set page.  And finally, very rarely, the factory makes a mistake and you get a duplicate in your box or even more rarely you find triples.  I've only seen that a couple of times in the past five years, so it's quite rare.

How often do new sets get issued?

It's quite variable. Over the past year, the Re-Ment company has branched away from miniatures, focusing instead on things like novelty pens, stickers, and small pouches.  They're still making miniatures, typically Hello Kitty and Disney themed, but they don't come out as frequently as they used to.

Why are the newer sets more expensive than the older sets?

Well, I suspect that it's because the price of everything has gone up in the past few years.  Re-Ment has been trying new things, like smaller sets and the baggie packaging in order to keep things down.  The great thing is that Re-Ment is still a great bargain compared with typical dollhouse miniatures!

Why don't you have stock of (insert name of older set here)?

Re-Ment makes a limited quantity of each set and typically when they are sold out, you don't see them ever again.  In rare cases a set will resurface for a little while (maybe they are cleaning out the warehouse and discover some?) but when production is done the molds are destroyed and that's it.  I try to stock up when I know a set is getting close to running out, but eventually things get sold and there just aren't any more.  Sorry!

Do you collect Re-Ment yourself?

Yes, I love Re-Ment!  That's how I got into the business in the first place.  I try to save one box of each set for myself and I have made dioramas from time to time.  Some of my favorites are the Elegant Sweets orange candy chest, the Household Goods plastic folder for papers, the Make-Up Box set, and the champagne and glasses in the Office Ladies set.


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