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Southern California Re-Ment Gathering!


Our third Re-Ment Fan Club meeting was held on Sunday, November 9th, 2008, in Los Angeles. It was sooo much fun!! (Plus, it was my birthday and I had a blast!)

Fan Club Founder Robin Gee planned a great day with lots of events and prizes and Ayano, Angie, and Ila from Re-Ment International helped make it extra-special.

The afternoon started out with shopping and eating while people gathered, got checked in, and set up their competition entries.  Robin presented each person with a goodie bag full of presents, including a beribboned box with a sticker telling us not to open it yet, a very cool set of holiday minis (including tiny rolls of wrapping paper and little holiday cards), a cute sign to hang in our Re-Ment rooms, a Re-Ment calendar, stickers, and more!  Janean from Playscale Minis brought us artwork that turns Princess Tea Set #1 into a castle--you can print one out for yourself on her site :).  We each received a bag containing archived Puchi from Re-Ment International, plus a cool Re-Ment pen. Presents galore!

We played a fun game, What Is That Re-Ment?, where we guessed what various Re-Ment pieces were.  Even with multiple choice answers, it stumped most of us!  Shark mackerel, green tea noodles, and all sorts of exotic foods and accessories were in the answers.  Ami had the most answers right--I think she had two or three times more than I did!  We all ended up being winners when Robin told us to untie the ribbons on our gift boxes, which turned out to contain the coolest custom Re-Ment Addict t-shirts.  Frances and Robin created the logo and it's really groovy!

Ila from Re-Ment made a special presentation to take us behind-the-scenes at Re-Ment so we can see how our favorite obsession goes from an idea to a blind box.  It was really fun to see all of the secret stuff!  We also got to see actual unpainted plastic Re-Ment pieces, plus we were treated to seeing two of the upcoming sets, Finest Sushi and Flirty Pink.  Both new sets look great!

Robin then hosted show and tell where everyone had an opportunity to show off their cool Re-Ment finds.   A recent Ebay find for Robin was a cool Japanese display piece that could be set up to look like a convenience store counter and checkout.

Then we moved on to Competition!  There were two categories:

1. Holiday Scene. Make your own holiday themed Re-Ment scene! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or even 4th of July, the holiday choice is yours! You can use a Re-Ment Room Box or make your own.

2. Re-Ment Bakery Case. Decorate and fill-up your Re-Ment Bakery Case with food, pastries and anything else you can think of!

There were tons of entries and they were all great.  Nancy won first place in the Bakery Case category for her Disney-themed case and Robin won the Holiday Scene category with her Re-Ment Company Party diorama. Gifts from Re-Ment were given to those in first, second, and third place in each category.

People shopped and swapped - a fine time was had by all.  Jaime brought his wonderful jewelry creations, so lots of people were wearing Re-Ment bracelets and pins by the end of the meeting!

Cake!  We had the most wonderful cake to celebrate my birthday!  Ellen, our resident expert cake baker and decorator made another of her marvelous full size Re-Ment cakes.  This time it was the cake from the Minnie Mouse Lovely Cakes collection.  It looked just like its tiny counterpart and it was really delicious.  I was also surprised with a marvelous birthday gift from Re-Ment--a special display of minis in an acrylic display.  I love it!

The meeting ended with a reverse raffle where everyone won a prize, but you didn't want to hear your name called too soon because the best prizes were given at the end.  Carol Gillott of Paris Breakfast sent a bunch of minis for prizes for the raffle--thanks, Carol!

And then it was the end of our fun party :(.  Thank you to Robin for planning everything and being such an extraordinary hostess!  Thanks to Chris for his use of Café Café and for making such yummy sandwiches and desserts!  And special thanks to Ayano, Angie, and Ila for sharing Re-Ment secrets and being so generous with gifts and prizes.

Here are some more photos of our fabulous day.  Be sure to click on the ones you'd like to enlarge.  Enjoy!

Robin welcomed us and we all played the Re-Ment game
Everyone worked hard to identify obscure minis
The goodie bag that Robin gave everyone, plus the pretty surprise package that was inside
Our "official" Re-Ment Addict t-shirt!
Archived Puchi and a Re-Ment pen for everyone
I got the Yule Log in my surprise package!
You can turn your Princess Tea Party #1 into a castle!
Sorry for the blurry picture - here's how the castle looks
More goodies from Robin!
Holiday minis that Robin made for us--so cute!
Ila making her presentation abour how Re-Ment is made
Ila previewing new Puchi with us
Robin's winning diorama
A close up of the buffet tables
Nancy's winning bakery case entry

Janean's Presidents's Day Sale shopping table

Janean's Easter kitchen
Janean telling the judges about her entries
Janean's Christmas for very tiny children
Heather's holiday extravanganza (it even lights up!)
Ami's bakery case with lots of very rare Puchi
A close-up of Ami's bakery case
Ami sharing with us what went into her entries
Ami's dining room diorama
Ellen's fabulous cake!
My wonderful birthday present
Ann and Jacob, who came all the way from Chicago!
All of us together--The Re-Ment Fan Club portrait
Shopping, shopping, shopping
Happy shoppers Jaime, Kym, and Sheila

We All Had a Great Time on May 17th!  Thank you, Robin!!

Robin Gee hosted the second Re-Ment Fan Club meeting on Saturday, May 17th, 2008, from 1pm to 4pm in Los Angeles. Everyone had a wonderful time!  We arrived to discover personalized badges and a goodie bag full of special treats made by Robin for each of us to enjoy.

We started the meeting with a wonderful presentation by Joey Gomez on Blythe, the adorable doll with huge eyes.  The Blythe Crew was out in force and brought a display of very rare and beautiful Blythes to share with all of us.

The full Re-Ment US team joined us and gave us a sneak peek at upcoming new sets, complete with samples we could see and touch.  The little animals were so cute and we can hardly wait for all of the new pastries.   Thanks to Ayano, Angie, and Ila for joining us and for bringing great prizes, too!   They brought three of the ulta rare Happy Birthday set - two for competition prizes and one for a raffle that everyone was entered in.

Robin gave a wonderful presentation on the elusive Secret Sets and we had a display of 30 secret sets from my collection.  As a big surprise, Robin held a raffle and gave away several secret sets, including the highly coveted orange candy chest. 

Competition was a blast with great creativity and lots of prizes for those who entered.   Congratulations to Nancy and Julie, who tied for first place in the room box competition, and to Robin, who won the refrigerator competition!  Everyone who participated in the competition also received a Re-Ment set donated by Carol Gillott of Paris Breakfasts.  Be sure to visit her blog to see the beautiful paintings she makes of our favorite miniatures!

We started and ended the day with a Re-Ment bazaar - lots of things for sale and trade!  Several people were able to thin out their duplicates and I set up a big sales table with all the latest Re-Ment for sale.

Special thanks to Chris Verdon, owner of Café Café, who graciously donated his space for our meeting and who served up delicious sandwiches, cookies, and yummy smoothies.

Finally, we finished with very special cakes made by Re-Ment Fan Ellen Ansok, in honor of Linda Orlando's birthday that day.  Ellen re-created the strawberry whipped cream cake from Special Cakes for Me and the ballerina cake from Fairy Tale Sweets, both in human size!  They were absolutely perfect and tasted great!

Thanks to everyone who attended, shopped, competed, played, and shared their knowledge and their treasures with us.  And, a huge thanks to Robin for putting everything together and showing us all a wonderful time!

Here are my pictures from the day, along with several taken by Susie Wilber (thanks, Susie!), to share the fun we had!  You can enlarge any of the pictures by clicking on them.

Joey giving his Blythe presentation
The Blythe Crew
Rare and very special Blythes
More of the special Blythe display
Ann shows one of her Blythes to Angie, Ayano, and Ila
Special sneak peek program from Re-Ment US!
The adorable Animal Stories set
French Treats - Coming at the end of June
More French Treats!
Another view of French Treats
Jenni telling the judges about her entry
Jenni's room box entry
Sheila pitching the entry she made
Sheila's entry
Nancy's room box entry - the 50's Cafe
Nancy talking about her entry
Kathy explaining how she made the cakes in her entry
Kathy's entry
Ami's room box entry
Ami describing the hard to find Cake on Parade items in her entry
Julie talking about her entry being a messy office kitchen
Julie's room box entry
Robin's bachelor refrigerator
Jenni's pearl white refrigerator!
The judges worked very hard
Everyone enjoyed the competition very much
Robin awarding the first place prizes from Re-Ment US
Julie and Nancy find out they both won
Nancy and Julie with their very special Happy Birthday sets
Robin did a wonderful program on Secret Sets
The rare gingerbread house
Secret Sets were stacked up to viewing
The Secret Set from Fairy Tale Sweets
The Secret Set from the Disney 50's Cafe
The holy grail of Secret Sets - the colored pencil case!
Ellen and Linda with the wonderful cakes
Cakes, big and little
The ballerina cake in two sizes!
Me, working the sales corner
Re-Ment for sale - something for everyone!

Our First Fan Club Meeting

Many thanks to Robin Gee for organizing the first "I Love Re-Ment" Fan Club Meeting on November 4th, 2007, at Café Café in Los Angeles. Thanks, too, to everyone who attended and who shopped in our "salesroom." I had so much fun meeting new people and getting reacquainted with old friends!

Here are my pictures from the day - you can enlarge them by clicking on them. Enjoy!

Robin Gee, our hostess with the mostest!
Café Café was packed
Sayuri shared her secrets of photographing Re-Ment
Everyone listened intently!
Playing with Blythe and friends
Making buttons to show our love for Re-Ment
The wonderful competition entries!
Nancy's first place entry
Sheila and Gail's second place winner
Robin's third place entry
Ray's Chinese banquet
Paboo's foreign exchange student dinner
Yvette's Halloween table
Susie's Thanksgiving by the kids
Close-up of Susie's entry
Gail explaining their entry
Ray awarding prizes
Gail and Sheila with their prize
Nancy and Ray
Shopping in the "salesroom"
Nancy the shutterbug
Raffle time!
Jeannine and her raffle win - a Re-Ment tote


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