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Looking for more fun on the Internet? Try these links--they're some of my favorites:

Cute Overload--If you love puppies and kittens, you'll love this site.  Just know that you will want to rush out and adopt a small animal after seeing all of these adorable pictures.

Head Butler--When you are looking for a good book, movie, place to go, or general recommendations on what's interesting, check out Head Butler.  He's a butler for your head and everything he recommends sounds fascinating.  I've bought a ton of new books since I started reading this site and they've all been wonderful.

Your Old Friends Doll Shop--A Must Visit!! Mike and Carmen Tickal have an extensive selection of vintage and new Barbie merchandise. They've been in the collectibles business for many years and are both knowledgeable and reputable, so you can browse their site with confidence that you are dealing with professionals.

Stuffed Animal Box--Stuffed Animal Box specializes in Gund stuffed animals, and carries fine plush animals and toys perfect for any holiday and special occasion.

Collectics Antiques & Collectibles--Large, eclectic mix of consignment shop, antiques & collectibles mall, collector bookstore & book reviews, reference information, collecting quiz to win free gift certificates, directory, and online museum featuring Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and Arts & Crafts design 1890-1935.

Dream House Dolls--Michelle Johnson's site is packed full of vintage and contemporary Barbie dolls, clothes and accessories, plus she makes fabulous mannequins that are perfect for displaying your extra fashions.

Lynn Hautala's Doll Hotline--A great, easy to use shopping site with pictures of many of the items for sale. Vintage, pink box, and artist dolls and clothing are listed. The site also includes a bulletin board and newsletter.

The Doll Attic--Sandi Holder's site has both vintage and new merchandise, plus Gene! Sandi keeps us all up-to-date with the latest info straight from Mattel.

Krista's Doll Restoration--Another AOL friend, Krista is a wonderful artist. Check out the miracles that she performs on our favorite girl.

DollHabit--Doesn't that just describe it perfectly? Caroline has a great vintage Barbie collectors' site with lots of info as well as sales lists.

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