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Your Source for Barbie® Dolls, Re-Ment, and MegaHouse Miniatures, and Much More!!

My name is Priscilla Wardlow and I've been collecting Barbie® dolls, her family and clothes for over twenty years. My nickname is the NRFB Queen due to my focus on collecting NRFB (Never Removed From Box) vintage Barbie® things.

In the last few years, I've fallen in love with Re-Ment and MegaHouse miniatures from Japan. They are high quality, highly detailed hand-painted minis, of food, cookware, and lots of other things, generally 1/6 scale. They work really well in displays with Barbie and her family and friends, as well as with other dolls from 8" to 12". Please take a look! Click here to go directly to the Miniatures pages.

As happens with most collectors, my collection continually tries to outgrow the space available and I put things up for sale. As time has gone by and I've bought more and more collections, the amount of things for sale has turned into a long list. You can find my items for sale in my Ebay store:


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